Increased use of renewable energies

In light of recent debates about CO2 and energy, Volkswagen has introduced various measures to reduce power consumption at its production facilities. These measures are designed to curb rising energy costs and comply with anticipated legal requirements. For example, the tried-and-tested network of plant energy officers will be expanded further and the exchange of specialized information at Group level intensified. We are also conducting benchmark studies and analyses of potential with experts for our facilities. In addition, use of the existing internal communications portals such as the “e-room” or “Massnahmen@web” for promoting the exchange of technical and organizational innovations will be stepped up and standards set for energy-saving technologies and methods.

The Volkswagen Group is placing increasing emphasis on using energy from renewable sources and generating this energy itself. Utilizing this energy contributes towards the responsible use of resources and helps to reduce CO2 emissions in our plants at the same time. Some examples: in 2007, the Pamplona facility met all its power requirements with renewable energy sources and is again seeking corresponding certification for its entire power consumption for 2008. The plant in Emden meets its base load requirements with energy from the biomass CHP plant owned by the City of Emden, in which wood is used to generate power. This only releases as much CO2 as the plants had previously taken from the atmosphere or had bonded.

To facilitate power generation from solar energy, Volkswagen AG has made roof areas available at the Emden and Wolfsburg facilities for the installation of photovoltaic systems. The systems have a total output of around 3.6 MW.

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