Volkswagen school serves as a model

The Volkswagen Group has anchored the goal of becoming an “attractive employer” in its 2018 corporate strategy. Expanding the Group’s educational infrastructure is an important step on the road to achieving this objective, which is why a Company-sponsored school with an international focus and national presence will be founded in Wolfsburg as a joint venture between Volkswagen AG and the City of Wolfsburg. It will feature excellence at every level and focus on individualized learning, enhancing and positively influencing the local school system in the long term. As a “learning organization”, the new school will be open to new developments at all times and networked both horizontally with the Company (e.g. via extracurricular learning centers) and other schools and vertically with preschool and further training institutions.

A founding committee comprising renowned national and international experts has already defined the cornerstones of the concept for the new school. The school’s special profile will be built on the pillars of an international focus, natural sciences and technology, and business, as well as art and culture.

The German International School in Changchun, China, is an example of how Volkswagen also gets involved in schooling outside Germany. Originally founded as a company school, this institution has now become the third German international school in China to be subsidized by the federal government after those in Beijing and Shanghai. The pupils are not only the children of Group employees on temporary assignments in China, but also the children of employees of suppliers or external companies. The school currently has 50 students ranging from 1st to 10th grade.

The international focus is reflected above all in the variety of languages offered by this still relatively small school: in addition to German and English, students can also take Spanish, French, or Latin. Chinese is also offered as a compulsory elective subject and will be included in the list of obligatory foreign languages starting in the 2009/10 school year.

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