Staff development in the Volkswagen Group

The start of a person’s career shapes his entire working life, which is why Volkswagen has developed a special new entrants’ program for university graduates that gives them the best possible start in our Company. Over a two-year period, participants in the StartUp Direct program not only familiarize themselves with the Company and their own department but also attend a large number of individual training and networking modules. Part of the program additionally includes multiple-week placements in production and the commercial area as well as an optional, department-specific foreign placement. All trainees have a personal mentor from their own department whom they can consult at any time.

Suitable university graduates with a strong international focus can demonstrate their skills in the StartUp Cross program with placements in different areas of the Company. Here, the emphasis is on gaining broad global experience and insights into the complex interrelationships of an international corporation. The range of content of this
18-month trainee program is also rounded off by a large number of seminars and networking opportunities.

The Student Talent Database is Volkswagen’s development program for people who are still at university. Here, students who have already done an internship in the Volkswagen Group with exceptional results are encouraged in their particular disciplines and on an individual basis. The students chosen not only receive further training; their long-term loyalty to Volkswagen is also secured. In addition, the Student Talent Database assists the individual departments in filling their vacancies with highly qualified graduates who are familiar with the Group.

By providing these attractive offerings for university graduates, the Volkswagen Group is increasingly focusing its attention on aiding employees in developing their talents at an early stage and honing their skills with the goal of safeguarding Volkswagen’s technical expertise.

Last year, we introduced “talent groups”, which contribute to the consistent selection and advancement of particularly high achievers at Volkswagen at all levels of development, preparing them for future tasks and responsibilities. The talent groups comprise several elements: a training program, networking events and specific services from the relevant department or vocational group.

A talent group for young specialists has been set up for vocational trainees to manage the smooth transition from vocational training to professional work. This ensures that the highest achievers among the vocational trainees are deployed in production as needed, bringing about a lasting improvement in the quality of the workforce. Talented individuals are picked out in the last stage of their vocational training on the basis of defined performance criteria and transferred to their future areas of activity, where they undergo specialist and multidisciplinary training over a period of 24 months in line with their personal development plan. This personal development plan is reviewed at periodic meetings. The creation of the talent group for young specialists improves the transition from vocational training to professional work. This systematic identification and fostering of talent enables outstanding performance during vocational training to be identified and rewarded.

The “Wanderjahre” (years abroad) program is an established pillar of employee development at Volkswagen in which apprentices from all vocational groups and young university graduates are given the opportunity to work abroad and organize their working day in a foreign culture. Participants are placed in one of our companies around the world for an average period of twelve months. This program benefits employers and employees alike: the Volkswagen Group gains motivated employees with international experience, while these have the opportunity to develop on both a professional and individual level.

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