Positive response to the opinion survey

Because the goal of establishing Volkswagen as an outstanding employer is entrenched in the corporate strategy of the Volkswagen Group, the employee opinion survey was introduced Group-wide in 2008 as a standardized tool for gathering employees’ opinions. Employees anonymously answer ten standard questions relating to communication, quality and work processes, collaboration and employee satisfaction. The results are discussed in the departments by management personnel and staff, and appropriate measures for improvement are instigated.

The opinion survey gives employees the opportunity to express their opinions and actively shape events in the Company. Last year, this opportunity was taken by 77% of the some 270,000 people surveyed including, for example, all employees from the facilities of Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Škoda Auto a.s., SEAT S.A., Volkswagen Slovakia a.s., Volkswagen do Brasil as well as employees from the equity investments in China. The response that can be seen from the participation rate is already gratifyingly high, though in the future we intend to include all employees of the Group worldwide in the survey.

The results of last year’s survey show an overwhelmingly positive mood among employees. At the same time, they are the reason for continuing to develop our strengths and tap any potential identified. The proposals for improvement derived from the opinion survey were analyzed in workshops and projects. The fact that this survey will be repeated annually means that trends can be observed and it will be possible to check which measures have been implemented successfully. The employees have accepted this tool as an expression of the value placed in them, and thus help the Company continue to grow.

Employees’ ideas rewarded

In 2008, our employees throughout the Group submitted a total of 214,829 improvement ideas. 124,049 of these suggestions were implemented, thereby helping to improve the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes. Implementing the proposals also reduced costs in the Group by a total of €329.9 million. Bonuses worth some €30.5 million were awarded to staff whose ideas were implemented in acknowledgement of their creativity and active involvement.

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