Nurturing specialist talent and junior management

Volkswagen has universal, transparent development paths leading up to management level. Specialist talent and junior managers, but also young executives, are specifically chosen and nurtured.

The management selection procedure was overhauled as part of the reorganization of staff development at Volkswagen. The focus now lies on management’s specialist tasks and responsibilities and the skills required for these. Apart from technical expertise, staff development is focusing more and more on leadership functions. In the future, management personnel will be prepared more intensively for their work and receive greater support.

The recently introduced management license prepares selected Volkswagen employees to take over management duties and was designed along the lines of the master craftsman recruitment and development program. This comprises training modules and an examination and is geared towards all staff who are to take on managerial functions for the first time as heads of organizational units comprising staff covered by collective agreements or management.

Personnel planning, staffing and the advancement of key employees – especially specialists – are based on uniform standards in the human resources systems, such as short profiles for all managers and junior managers. This makes the potential of the entire Group visible in a systematic planning process.

It is essential for local managers to have country-specific knowledge when it comes to tapping and developing growth markets. This is why we are increasingly strengthening our management in the different regions. To this end, we also encourage key employees from our international companies to seek temporary assignments in Germany in order to increase their expertise, improve their intercultural skills and build professional networks. Likewise, secondments between international Group companies play a key role when filling management vacancies.

Gender equality

The Volkswagen Group has been promoting equality between men and women since the 1980s. We will use targeted measures to further increase the proportion of female employees and make the Company more attractive to women on the road to becoming an outstanding employer.

Volkswagen sent a clear signal about this objective in Germany when it held the second woman driving award. Under the slogan “Innovation ist weiblich” (Innovation needs a woman’s touch), the competition aims to secure the best female engineers for Volkswagen. After being advertised at 15 universities across Germany, a high-caliber panel of judges chose the winners.

Volkswagen cannot do without women’s specialist expertise and creativity in the field of sustainability and ever-growing customer requirements. Targeted enhancement of female talent is therefore an integral part of Volkswagen’s staff development strategy and system. In its commercial and technical vocational training, for example, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers a one-year program to motivate young women to develop a clear idea of their profession and career. Volkswagen AG is implementing a mentoring program aimed at increasing the number of master craftswomen. Running in parallel to the work-related industrial master craftsman training, a training program with individual modules will be offered with mentoring by experienced master craftsmen. The Group-wide mentoring program aimed at increasing the number of women in managerial positions has also been an established feature in the systematic nurturing of female talent over the past ten years.

Another key issue for Volkswagen in its quest to become an outstanding employer is promoting compatibility between work and family. One means of achieving this is through teleworking, for which Volkswagen stipulated arrangements in an agreement signed in 2001. These include opportunities for qualified employees returning from parental leave, such as parental leave meetings or seminars. The most recent example in the Volkswagen Group is from April 2008, when Volkswagen Financial Services AG opened its own kindergarten. The “Frech Daxe” children’s house offers employees facilities to cater for up to 170 children.

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