Continuous professional development

To develop their skills, both employees and the specialist areas can draw on a broad range of training opportunities consisting of personal development programs, specialist seminars and courses, as well as training measures that are geared towards the specific requirements of individual departments. In order to have an up-to-date offering available at all times, 292 new qualification measures were developed in the reporting period.

During 2008, a total of 42,300 employees of Volkswagen AG received training in 5,700 training seminars lasting 158,800 participant days.

While 11,900 employees received further training in the area of “overarching skills development” (e.g. leadership and personality development) in 1,100 seminars lasting 34,300 participant days, 30,400 employees were trained in the area of “specialist skills development” (e.g. factory automation, robot and application technology, and business) in 4,600 training seminars lasting 124,500 participant days.

Refocusing the AutoUni

In establishing the AutoUni, the Volkswagen Group again substantially broadened its already extensive training program in 2002. Following a refocusing exercise, the courses offered by the AutoUni are now mainly geared towards Volkswagen Group employees. Selected lectures may also be attended by members of the interested public, however. There has been a huge response to the program, with around 10,000 participants attending the seminars organized by the AutoUni in 2008.

The AutoUni courses are held in the form of lectures, conferences or further education programs lasting several months in eight areas: sales and marketing, products, production, procurement, quality, human resources and organization, finance and controlling, and corporate issues. Additional institutes have been set up that combine the teaching and research at the AutoUni with the Group’s specialist areas and with external partners. The Volkswagen Labor Institute, for example, deals with important human resources policy topics such as employer branding and company success, with which it supports the Group’s Strategy 2018.

The AutoUni also conducts research projects in conjunction with individual departments and external partners to identify and analyze the future challenges facing the Volkswagen Group and develop solutions, concepts and alternative action. This may provide the basis for the development of new products, services, processes and business models.


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