Investor Relations activities

In 2008, the Volkswagen Investor Relations team again informed analysts and investors in all the major global financial centers about the business development and progress of the Volkswagen Group and its individual brands comprehensively and in a timely manner. To this end, the team organized and conducted a total of more than 500 roadshows, conferences, presentations and one-on-one discussions worldwide. Scheduled conference calls were held to explain the quarterly results, which were also broadcast on the Internet. Some events were held together with Group Treasury.

The team was also available to answer investor questions about the Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen’s shares at numerous events organized specially for our private shareholders.

The presence of the Investor Relations department at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg was redesigned in 2008. Film clips and interactive components are used to present the Volkswagen Group as a stock corporation in an entertaining and informative way, as well as providing explanations of the importance of stock markets for the Company, tailored to each target group.


Deutsche Bank’s German Corporate Conference on June 5, 2008 in Frankfurt am Main offered the Volkswagen Group the opportunity to outline its strategic goals for profitable growth. The topics covered included the growing importance of emerging markets, efficient new production systems and sustainability, with an emphasis on fuel and drivetrain strategies.

More than 1,500 journalists and analysts representing 46 countries attended the unveiling of the new Golf in Reykjavik in September 2008. At this event, they had the opportunity to extensively test drive the sixth generation of Europe’s most successful automobile and see for themselves that the new Golf sets completely new standards in terms of value and comfort. In addition to providing information about the Golf, Volkswagen also outlined the strategic goals of the Group.

The Volkswagen Investor Relations team was recognized twice by Institutional Investor magazine as part of the 2008 European Investor Relations Study. In the automotive sector, the team took first place in both the “Best Investor Relations” as well as the “Most Improved Investor Relations” categories.

Investor Relations activities in 2009 will also focus on strategy and product presentations with the participation of the members of the Board of Management and the management of the Volkswagen Group.

All presentations that were given as part of events were published online at shortly afterwards.

Compared with 2007, the number of visits to the Investor Relations website increased by more than 30% in the reporting period. The website recorded the most visits in October 2008 at 55,000, and the average visit lasted 30 minutes. In total, the Investor Relations team’s website was visited 420,000 times in 2008. This underscores the growing importance of online media for disseminating information to investors.

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