Risk Report

Systematic risk management delivers sustainable success

A forward-looking approach to identifying and controlling risk is pivotal for ensuring sustainable business success. Our comprehensive risk management system enables us to deal responsibly with potential risks.

In this chapter, we first describe how the Volkswagen Group updates the risk documentation it uses. The Company’s risk situation is documented annually in accordance with the requirements of the Gesetz zur Kontrolle und Transparenz im Unternehmensbereich (KonTraG – German Act on Control and Transparency in Business). The adequacy of this documentation is assessed by the auditors. We then introduce the risk management system that – as an operational element of our business processes – enables risks to be identified in a timely manner, the extent of those risks to be assessed and appropriate countermeasures to be introduced. Risk management at the Scania brand, which has been consolidated in the Group since July 22, 2008, has not yet been integrated into the Volkswagen Group’s risk management system. However, it is our understanding that it is organized along similar lines. We give details of the opportunities arising from our work in the
Report on Expected Developments”.

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