Innovative technologies bring opportunities

In fiscal year 2009, we will continue to enhance the entire vehicle range with a view to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. More than 100 Volkswagen Group models already fall below the CO2 emissions threshold of 140g/km, and we aim to increase this number even further in the future. The focus of activities is on the implementation throughout the Group of the new generation of common rail diesel engines and the particularly fuel-efficient TSI direct-injection engines. With the help of these technologies, the combination of turbochargers and efficient engine displacement allows us to achieve significantly better fuel efficiency.

Volkswagen is successfully continuing its strategy of offering particularly fuel-efficient vehicles in every model series with the BlueMotion versions of the Polo1, Passat1, Jetta1, Touran1 and Golf Variant1. For example: the latest generation of the Golf will again set an absolute record in its class. Featuring average fuel efficiency of 3.8 l per 100 km, the new Golf BlueMotion2, which will be available in mid-2009, will fall below the magical threshold of 4.0 l for the first time in its segment. In line with this, its CO2 emissions will drop to 99 g/km – also unbeaten in its class. The Passat BlueMotion II concept car also provides a glimpse into future developments: With fuel consumption of only 4.1 l and CO2 emissions of only 109 g/km, emissions have been lowered by another 30 g/km from the current figure. Developments to the Audi brand are taking the same direction. The A4 TDI concept e features the typical agility of an Audi A4 but requires only 3.99 l of fuel per 100 km and produces only 105 g/km of CO2.

The pace of innovation in reducing other harmful emissions also remains high. The new milestone in environmental technology is the Passat Blue TDI. Although the Euro-6 emissions standard will not enter into force until 2014, one range of new Volkswagen models already meets this standard. The Blue TDI name stands for a significant reduction in nitrous oxides in exhaust gas. These outstanding results are achieved thanks to an innovative catalytic converter in conjunction with the AdBlue additive. The Passat will be launched in some European markets at the beginning of 2009 and additional Volkswagen Blue TDI models will follow. In the American market, Volkswagen is the first manufacturer to offer a diesel car approved in all 50 states, the Jetta TDI CleanDiesel. This example illustrates the future potential of diesel technology in this market.

1 Consumption and emission data can be found here.
2 No binding consumption and emission data is currently available for these models.

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