Number of employees

Including the Chinese joint venture companies, the Volkswagen Group had an average of 357,207 employees (+8.7%) during the reporting period. Our companies in Germany employed an average of 177,884 people and thus 49.8% (previous year: 53.3%) of the total headcount. The Volkswagen Group had 351,203 active employees as of December 31, 2008. In addition, 8,841 employees were in the passive phase of their early retirement and 9,884 young persons were in vocational traineeships (+6.3%). The total headcount of the Volkswagen Group amounted to 369,928 employees (+12.3%) as of the reporting date. This increase is mainly attributable to the consolidation in full of Scania. Excluding Scania, the number of employees was 337,298, only 2.4% more than in the previous year. A total of 174,342 people were employed in Germany (+3.3%). The number of employees abroad was 195,586 (+21.8%).

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