A Class of its Own

No other car can compete with the Volkswagen Golf’s success story: since its launch in 1974, more than 26 million have been sold worldwide. The Golf is driven by students as well as by blue-collar workers and managers, by singles and families. The new generation Golf VI continues the car’s established tradition of classless mobility – and is the best and most environmentally friendly Golf ever.
Golf VI (photo)
Elias Abdelhedi, 39, Financial Adviser, Paris (photo)

Astrid Kruppa has been in the business for quite a while now. She has worked at Volkswagen’s paintshop in Wolfsburg for 22 years. Of course she knew that the first body shells of the new Golf would be rolling past her and her colleagues on the painting line in spring 2008. She was trained and prepared – and yet, as the first new generation car approached, it was still an inspiring moment for the Volkswagen employee and her colleagues: “Even from a distance, we could see from the headlight recesses on the body shell that a new Golf was on its way”, said the 49-year-old, who is proud to be working on the sixth series. “It really is a great feeling to say that I am part of the new generation Golf.” Naturally she now drives the Golf VI herself – in mid-December 2008 she bagged one with a TDI engine and even returned the Golf V that she and her family had enjoyed so much in recent years. Astrid Kruppa has long been a loyal Golf driver because, as she says, “it’s a Wolfsburg car through and through”.

“It really is a great feeling to say that I am part of the new generation Golf.” Astrid Kruppa, 49, Master Craftswoman, Volkswagen Paintshop, Gifhorn (quotation)
Astrid Kruppa, 49, Master Craftswoman, Volkswagen Paintshop, Gifhorn (photo)

The Golf represents more than just a series of automobiles. It created and gave its name to an entire vehicle segment: the Golf class. It can be all things to all people: a family carrier or a single person’s runabout. First or second car. Economical or sporty. An evergreen that truly deserves its name – Volkswagen: the people’s car. In the Golf’s 35-year history, its five series have recorded global sales of more than 26 million. Since fall 2008, the sixth generation has again promised classless mobility for all. When the original, angular Golf was launched in 1974 as the successor to the legendary VW Beetle, its design was revolutionary – and a bold step for Volkswagen: the engine was suddenly at the front and was water- instead of air-cooled, the car had front-wheel drive and a large tailgate. All its competitors at the time were notchbacks.

“The Golf is tailor-made for me. I can turn up in it to all my customers.” Elias Abdelhedi, 39, Financial Adviser, Paris (quotation)
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